Treasure Selling Challenge

Like you all know how addictive flea markets can be, I’m a big fan of these kind of markets where you can go hunting other people’s treasures, spending all your money on things that you keep telling yourself ‘you might not find it again somewhere else’ or ‘it’s vintage’ or ‘it’s limited edition’ or whatever your mind tells you to think while you quickly search for the wallet in your tote bag. And because I’m one of those crazy buyers I ended up with too many things in my room and so little money left in my own purse.
It was exciting to see people liking stuff you owned though, and heart breaking at the same time to say goodbye to them, thinking of times when you bought them, wear them and collect them. But sometimes those are things your barely use and you barely cared about before that you have completely forgotten about them. To be optimistic about this, it’s either you ended up not selling some of them and cherish them more or you just give it away and spend the money on something else you love. So selling your own stuff isn’t that bad, it’s more like recycling!
The outfit of the day…


I bought a brand new Jewelna Rose luggage, their details are so pretty I couldn’t help using it as a decoration for my little weekend shop. Jewelna Rose is a Japanese brand that designs lots of cute bags and luggages and because they now collaborate with Disney’s The Little Mermaid this became my current favourite travel suitcase. Luggages are fun and convenient to carry around if you are going to sell lots of stuff at the flea market, especially when you have a cute one that matches your style it would tell so much about you as much as how your other accessories would.

The details…

I wore a swimsuit I bought from aprilpoolday a very simple one with a sassy twist when you turn around! I love how I can match this with my high waist shorts and my vintage pins.
photo (1)
(photo by BUG ON STREET)
Daisy pins are very classic, I feel like they can always match all kinds of clothes but you may also try some other vintage flower pins in vivid colours to go with your different look each day as well…
Don’t forget to try them on your bags and shoes too!