A Little Bit of Pink and Wine

When I was young my mom used to set this one and only wardrobe rule which is NEVER to wear pink with red, ever. So I got a habit of separating the two colours no matter what. For example I always thought that it’s a disaster to combine pink top and red skirt together, or if I wear red lips I will never wear something pink to go with it. But I later realised that a little bit of them both could be nice too, it just all depends on the tone you choose.
I discovered a little bit of wine/oxblood red and pastel pink could simply get along, during the time I got dark red gel manicure, so I couldn’t remove them when I wanted to spend my day thinking pastel. Sometimes extremely bright red and pink (like my Marimekko purse) is also a lovely mixture. Maybe I should try matching pink top and red skirt together again (in bigger size now of course that time I was only 7).
Pink embroidered top from Ne-Net, the classic 2.55 from Chanel, sequin kicks from Converse
Snapped by BUG ON STREET.