Cosmic Vibe and a Girl’s Night Out



The Nail Spell #1: Cosmic Vibe and a Girl’s Night Out
my article from Cheeze Magazine No. 132
Thick black lashes, check. Nude matte coloured lips, check. The flawless I-woke-up-like-this curly hair, check. And just right before you step out for the fabulous cosmopolitan night with your ladies, you stare down at your blank, plain finger nails laying sadly on the door knob looking extremely colorless and boring. You know right away that you have to call and cancel your friends. If you are as obsessed and fascinated with such beauty that you completely understand how much bad nails can give you a totally bad day (or in this case, night) then I welcome you to “The Nail Spell” where I will only be talking about nails, nails, nail art and…nails!
I came across this Japanese nail salon (yes in Bangkok!) few weeks ago through her Instagram where Amy (the nailist) had all the interesting nail designs. I just can’t resist to call for reservation seconds after I scroll down her gallery. With all the exciting details and decorations you can only find in Japanese nail salons I was very happy crossing out ‘visit nail salon in Japan’ on my wish list.
When I got there I asked her for a cosmic, stone textured nails, and I’ll tell you stones are not so-2014 like you think cause it’s always as fashionable as your little black dress. So don’t put your stone bracelets hid away in the cupboard just yet!
Amy painted my nails carefully layer to layer placing turquoises, stickers and tiny flakes on each of them slowly. Without having to tell her exactly what I wanted for each nails like I used to with other nail salons, she completes my imagination perfectly with her own style. As if the nails are her art canvas.
For those of you who are interested in getting your nails done like mine and never miss a single girl’s night out again, you can check out her Instagram (@abracadabra_nailaddict).