Sunday Activity

Nothing is better than spending your Sunday afternoon getting your nails done, professionally with someone who deserves to touch them because makeups will be washed away after that party you attended but pretty nails remains for days and days. Some patterns can even survive for weeks but that’s rarely, unless you’ve found the right nail salon that can surprise you with creative nail designs. Which I’ve found one, I have my very own favorite salon I got my cosmic nails done for Cheeze #132 article (The Nail Spell no.1). This time I go for florals and Amy, like always, amazed me with her creativity once again♡
Her exquisite nail designs are as lovely as her taste in interior decoration. You will definitely fall in love with her studio
Here’s a sneak peek of my upcoming nail article for Cheeze Magazine #134. Stay tuned and always remember, when you’re feeling blue and weekdays make you want to cry, take a deep breath and stare down at your pretty nails! Happy Monday♡♡♡
For more information about my floral nails, visit Amy’s Instagram (@abracadabra_nailaddict).