Tokyo love

I’m currently in Tokyo for a short vacay, and it has been distracting me from everything else. I’m so in love with city, since my last visit I just knew I had to come back❤️ 

Yesterday was my birthday and I decided to visit Tokyo Disney Sea💘 you can never be too old for Disney! Mermaid Lagoon is my love since Ariel was my childhood favorite Disney Princess👑

Enough about my not-so-guilty pleasure, Today I went to get my nails done at Nail Salon Avarice for my up coming article on Cheeze Magazine, Kenya-san (the owner) and Kana-san (the nailist) has been very friendly to me and they had given me the perfect design for The Nail Spell💕 I can’t wait to go back and write about it. In fact I cant wait to go back and blog so much about everything here!

 Here is a sneak peek of my nails today💛

I just need to think more before spending, it’s so easy to throw your cash out not just on the cute things but also the vintage and the food! It’s my second day here and I’d spent half the budget already…

Leaving to Osaka on Sunday, in the mean time visit my instagram for more photos🌸