The Mini Fringe

BUG_8349 BUG_8336BUG_8286 I got a new haircut on Sunday🌼 last time I had a fringe was back in high school and this is the shortest my hair (especially the fringe) have ever got to, so I’m in a process of getting used to this new mini fringe look! Fringe is something I’ve always wished to have but since I got such a small forehead it’s quite hard to pull the look.
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Thursday Accessories

 My thursday outfit to the office and the exhibition. I’m currently in love with my new Jeanasis long coat, bought from my recent trip to Tokyo. The fabric is so soft and thin, which is great for the hot-and-humid-from-jan-to-dec Bangkok weather.

DSCF7835I decorated the pocket with Ne-Net‘s patch pin and the collar with butterfly stick pin. I’m pretty much obsessed with stick pins, but to be honest I think I love all kinds of pins. They’re tiny accessories that reflects your identity a little more than just

the simple outfits you wear. ♡♡♡


How do you decorate your favorite coats/jackets?

Summer Photos Exhibition by Pare Nadda

DSCF7805DSCF7806Last night I had a chance to visit the grand opening of Pare Nadda‘s Photo Exhibition called Summer: A Diary of a Short Hair Housewife, an exhibition narrating her summer through film photographs all in black and white.

The show is located at The Jam Factory, Bangkok, until the 6th of September :)

DSCF7799 My favorite one from the exhibition: Ride on the Ice – ขี่จักรยานบนน้ำแข็ง (sorry about the reflection).

DSCF7823She also have a little lab displaying her process and tips on developing the films.

DSCF7813 DSCF7816 P’Lolay, Roman, P’Pare, Me, Vicky

DSCF7821Roman the cutie 💘


The Timeless Pieces


The timeless pieces, the ones that you can never get bored, the ones that you know many years after they will still be the ‘classics‘.

I did lots of thinking before investing in something I knew I’d end up stepping on, the ‘shoes’. I am more of a bag lady than a shoe lady so I could never stand spending lots and lots on just a pair and get bored few months later. But these Two-tone Classic Chanel Ballerina Flats are just one of those items I know would last (if I take a good care of them of course). Since I bought my Chanel Bag I had come to realized that it’s the only bag I still feel the chills every time I took it out of the box. When it comes to the timeless pieces, no girls can ever resist the classiness and the butterflies they can get from wearing the classic Chanel.


My thoughts on the Classic Chanel Ballerina Flats ♡
Design: 5/5 | Comfort: 3.5/5 | Quality: 4/5
This two-tone flats fit perfectly with both casual looks and formal looks, their combination with jeans are the loveliest. However, I must say I find these babies very uncomfortable at first, just the first few times I wear them I even thought I bought the wrong size! Maybe that’s because I have wide feet shape. Few times after that though, the shoes expands a little to fit the shape of my feet and got much more comfy. The quality is great comparing to other ballerina flats I’ve worn before, Chanel gave me no bruises whatsoever. Cute ballerinas can never be the comfiest thing anyway. (But if there’s any you’d like to recommend, feel free to share♡)

Happy weekend!