The Mini Fringe

BUG_8349 BUG_8336BUG_8286 I got a new haircut on Sunday🌼 last time I had a fringe was back in high school and this is the shortest my hair (especially the fringe) have ever got to, so I’m in a process of getting used to this new mini fringe look! Fringe is something I’ve always wished to have but since I got such a small forehead it’s quite hard to pull the look.

BUG_8355 newhair1 I had my hair cut at Boy Rikyu and colored at Cealeb by Kornklao. It’s always hard to find the right hair salon in Bangkok but Cealeb is probably the one I trust most when it comes to coloring and styling. 😊☺️ My favorite hairdresser dyed it greenish-ash-brown ❤️ I’m thinking of perming my hair there too to give a volume to it permanently since my hair is so flat when not styled properly.

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