The Fur and the Glitters

BUG_4955BUG_4969BUG_4972BUG_4927BUG_4983_Every once in a while I would pick out a girly skirt from my wardrobe and go completely girly for a day. This time I wore an oversized mid-length tie up blouse from American Apparel and style the collar with Lazy Oaf‘s Rose Collar Pins. The skirt is from 2% Tokyo, it came in a tone of blue that goes really well with the rest of the pastel accessories in this look which are the fluffy lilac bag from and my new mint green silver gilttery shoes from Croon, oxford shoes is my current love, and Croon just have so many in loveliest colors that I feel like I’d definitely go for another pair, soon!
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A Cat Lady’s Overalls

I know I’ve been posting so much overalls outfit lately, I always love wearing them! This Lazy Oaf overalls is one of my favorite since I’m a full-time cat lady. I decided to go all black instead of choosing a plain colored tee to go with it, plain is classic but patterns could be fun too! So go grab your favorite hawaii top and match it with a simple colored overalls of your choice, I wore this hawaii shirt before back in Summer but it gives different look when you match it with an overall. And of course, a simple tote bag is ‘the timeless item’ for any casual looks, I got this one from Last Dinosaurs live in Bangkok concert back in 2013, I loveeee that band!


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Tokyo Mini Canvases

The Nail Spell #4: Tokyo Mini Canvases
My article for Cheeze Magazine No. 135
Nails designed by Kana-san of Nail Salon AVARICE | Layout, written and illustrated by me

Here’s the translation of this article:

When you think about the best places for prettiest nail designs, it’s almost impossible to miss out Japan. I’ve always dreamed about getting my nails done there if I ever have time during my visits (to envy my friends as a cure to the post holiday blues after). You want a customized deco, or hand painted masterpiece, all you have to do is tell your favorite Japanese Nailist while closing your eyes and take a nap. Let them sort it all out for you, in their very super professional ways.

Walking around Tokyo I feel like you can find yourself a nail salon just anywhere. I walked around Shibuya and found 5 in every blocks. But then again, finding the right one for you could be hard too! Everyone have different style, and picking a nail salon is like picking a shop to buy your clothes. I totally understand when you don’t like the result of your Gel nails, and it’s a burden to remove them just like that. Sometimes you just have to tell them everything in detailed on what you want, but if that Nailist is an artist then you have no problems at all! So before choosing where to do my nails in Tokyo, I decided to do some research. I stumbled upon Nail Salon Avarice where their concept is NAIL x ART, totally answered the question!

The person who did my nails is Kana-san, she’s very experienced (been doing nails for 6 years) and friendly! And I’m telling you if these aren’t my nails and I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, I’d have thought they’re stickers (or have you thought so too all this time?) she painted my nails in such exquisite details and in her very own style like she knew what’s on my mind, as if she’s painting on 10 tiny canvases. It was my happy two hours with such beautiful decoration on nails and in the salon as well (Kenya-san have great taste in interior decoration!) Yes, you could ditch the two hours shopping completely in Harajuku and spend them here instead! :-)

Speaking of Tokyo, I’ve been blogging a little lesser than before lately cause I was quite busy preparing to move there at the end of this month! Hopefully after everything’s sorted out I’d be able to blog more about my time I will be spending in Japan as well. Can’t wait!

Bangkok Elle Fashion Week F/W 2015: Kloset

BUG_0616_ BUG_0653_BUG_0712BUG_0701BUG_0708_ BUG_0746_On Sunday at Elle Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015 I decided to embrace my love for 80s toys and go for a full pastel look with a little hint of the 70s coming from my overalls pattern matching with the shoes.
Cake pouch: Fred Flare (I bought it years ago when still exist, I miss that site)
Rainbow overalls: Toey Jarinporn x Playhound
Jelly heels: JuJu Footwear
Earrings and choker: Vintage Polly Pockets (These were my childhood favorites! 80s/90s toys have the most adorable designs!)

Close up shots by mwgame.

Me and Vicky before the show
Me and my favorite photographer captured by weerayut_k :-)

These are the photos I took during the show and again some backstage exclusive shots taken by BUG ON STREET. Kloset F/W2015’s collection is called “Written All Over Your Face”. It was inspired by Amy Winehouse, with all the hairstyles and the songs they used in the show. I was in love not just because they reflects one of my favorite artist in the most lovable way but they also have the greatest textile/embroidery designs this season!
DSCF8169DSCF8164 BUG_0783
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Bangkok Elle Fashion Week F/W 2015: Hook’s by Prapakas


Outfit on my second day at Elle Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015
Choker: MissMystMist
Top: VL by VEE
Pants: SODA
Bag: Vintage Moschino (bought from PUNK CAKE)
Shoes: Vintage

I was very excited to get to see Hook’s by Prapakas fashion show on Friday night at EFWFW2015. This brand have always been famous for exquisite fashion show designs that gives the audiences goosebumps over surprises over and over, and again this year was amazing! Here are a few backstage photos from the show exclusively captured for Bébé de Juillet readers!
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