The Fur and the Glitters

BUG_4955BUG_4969BUG_4972BUG_4927BUG_4983_Every once in a while I would pick out a girly skirt from my wardrobe and go completely girly for a day. This time I wore an oversized mid-length tie up blouse from American Apparel and style the collar with Lazy Oaf‘s Rose Collar Pins. The skirt is from 2% Tokyo, it came in a tone of blue that goes really well with the rest of the pastel accessories in this look which are the fluffy lilac bag from and my new mint green silver gilttery shoes from Croon, oxford shoes is my current love, and Croon just have so many in loveliest colors that I feel like I’d definitely go for another pair, soon!

BUG_4973BUG_4968BUG_4958 BUG_4929 BUG_4924BUG_4979

What are your favorite girly items?

4 thoughts on “The Fur and the Glitters

  1. Super lovely shoes, and
    fur and glitters are very cute and gorgeous!!!
    Reena, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog about my new book!


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