Tokyo Fashion Week: Jenny Fax S/S 2016

BUG_7031Cap: Bubbles Tokyo
Top: Bubbles Tokyo
Earrings: WEGO
Skirt: Zara
Clutch: Kate Spade
Shoes: Converse

BUG_7025 BUG_7028 BUG_7030

On Saturday I went to Jenny Fax Mikiosakabe’s S/S 2016 fashion show invited by PR01 at Laforet Museum, Tokyo. I have always loved Jenny Fax but this is the first time I get to see the show myself. The brand’s style always reminds me of the dark side of cuteness. With their 80’s cabbage dolls signature patterns, getting to see the show myself made me so excited cause they also have the cabbage dolls mini show during that. This season though, they remain the cute and playful tone in a way that goes slightly darker than before. And the reason I think so might be because I get to see the show live, with strippers on the right of the runway and four kids jumping up and down on the left, all that makes me feel like I am watching a dark comedy on stage. I love how they play with paint textures on skins and on the fabrics as well as how they still keep their signature dreamy colors and embroideries in many of their looks while expressing out the perfect touch of rebellious youth through the kiss of 80s. These are my favorite looks from the show:
BUG_7172 BUG_7162 BUG_7153 BUG_7135 BUG_7224 BUG_7220 BUG_7216 BUG_7215 BUG_7190 BUG_7176

Tokyo Fashion Week: Plastic Tokyo S/S 2016

Before heading to class on Tuesday, I went to Shibuya Hikarie for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo and had a chance to attend Plastic Tokyo’s Spring/Summer 2016 fashion show invited by PR01. Here are a few snaps of my outfit as well as my favorite looks from the show.
BUG_6413 BUG_6418 BUG_6420 BUG_6423
Like always, Plastic Tokyo has remained their edgy street style in this collection. I love their textile patterns and their oversize looks which goes really well with the colors on their pattern designs, and their ‘safety-pins’ headpiece/mask created by Kunio Kohzaki. The reggae vibe and the mixture of the modern 60s they had expressed is very interesting. They also had best live music for the show performed by Hi-Fi CITY.

BUG_6597_ BUG_6628 BUG_6682
Top: Vintage
Shorts: American Apparel
Sunglasses: Miu Miu
Earrings: Love Letter Tokyo
Socks: Wego
Shoes: Adidas

I decided to go a little more fruity and colorful today 🍋🍐🍊🍑🍒🍇 compare to my previous look. I always love ugly-sweaters because they have the best knits designs and colors! I chose glittery round sunglasses and a bright shade of red for my lips to match with the top.

Yesterday I also went to JennyFax’s fashion show, one of my favorite brand💘💘💘 Which I will be writing about on my next post. Happy Sunday!

The dark palette for fall

BUG_6383 BUG_6382 BUG_6319 BUG_6317 Hat: Womb
Top: Zara
Skirt: Zara
Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Shoes: ORiental TRaffic

Maybe it’s because the weather’s making me feel lonely and I just moved here, to Tokyo, homesickness is still not leaving me alone. So no matter how much inspirations I got from this lively city, I had completely left my blog blank for the past week and went mostly offline with writing. Apart from that I do (like always) enjoy Tokyo, one of my all time favorite city. I am loving the coolness of fall. Bangkok, my hometown are most of the time, hot and humid so I rarely could pick out Fall/Winter items from the wardrobe cause there’s no such seasons there. I am into the grayish tone at the moment, and my recent favorite accessory is this gray hat I wore today, the natural curves it gives and the texture of it is so lovable!

More street snaps from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO Fall/Winter 2015 available at @bugonstreet.

Hello again Tokyo

IMG_8043 Hello! It’s been a while since I last blogged. I’ve been so busy preparing to come back to Japan, this time not as a trip but I will be residing here, so it took me a few days to get things done while settling in that I’ve no time at all for the internet! Now I guess it’s all good, and apart from the usual homesickness I get more and more each time I move as I get older, I am excited to learn about this country and its culture. Hopefully I’ll finally be fluent in the language as well and get inspired by one of my all time favorite city like Tokyo💘

IMG_8051 IMG_8053

This is one of the corner inside my apartment. I am in love already! 💛🌼