my april

Hello🌸🌸🌸 It’s been too long I forget how to blog. Last time I posted something was way more than a year ago. Can’t blame anyone but myself though I would say after moving from Bangkok to Tokyo, I rarely have time for anything else except study and work. Then recently I just started to miss blogging and thought, maybe I really should keep this thing going again. How could I managed to blog so much when I was bored of my own city, and never posted a single thing about the city I was so in love with. Shame on laziness. Well, enough about all the excuses, I wish I could go all the way back starting from Christmas two years ago and all the trips I’ve been to while I’m here but I’ll put that aside and post about the special ones separately when I have time.

To start with, here are places I’ve been to in April:

Yayoi Kusama’s My Eternal Soul exhibition was intriguing, I haven’t been to art exhibition for awhile too so it was a really nice to dive myself down into such overwhelming artistic atmosphere every once in a while. Her work doesn’t only consist of expressive dots and colorful details but also many other things that are truly deep down in her soul. If you are visiting Tokyo before the 22nd of this month then you can still drop by, the exhibition is at The National Art Center Tokyo.

Creative souvenirs are also available.

🍴 And for the hungry tummies out there bored of sushi already while traveling, you can drop by at this healthy place called Blu Jam Cafe located in Daikanyama area, I’ve been there twice last month cause of their Egg Benedict and I’m still not bored yet. The staff there can speak fluent English too!

I do miss Bangkok very deeply, but compared to the last time I blogged, I guess I’m quite used to Tokyo now too. I also enjoy their Golden Week period, it’s like you can finally stop running for a bit and lay in bed all day. The sun is also out more often and the weather isn’t freezing anymore, I’m really glad I could put my coat away eventually🌼