Tokyo Mini Canvases

The Nail Spell #4: Tokyo Mini Canvases
My article for Cheeze Magazine No. 135
Nails designed by Kana-san of Nail Salon AVARICE | Layout, written and illustrated by me

Here’s the translation of this article:

When you think about the best places for prettiest nail designs, it’s almost impossible to miss out Japan. I’ve always dreamed about getting my nails done there if I ever have time during my visits (to envy my friends as a cure to the post holiday blues after). You want a customized deco, or hand painted masterpiece, all you have to do is tell your favorite Japanese Nailist while closing your eyes and take a nap. Let them sort it all out for you, in their very super professional ways.

Walking around Tokyo I feel like you can find yourself a nail salon just anywhere. I walked around Shibuya and found 5 in every blocks. But then again, finding the right one for you could be hard too! Everyone have different style, and picking a nail salon is like picking a shop to buy your clothes. I totally understand when you don’t like the result of your Gel nails, and it’s a burden to remove them just like that. Sometimes you just have to tell them everything in detailed on what you want, but if that Nailist is an artist then you have no problems at all! So before choosing where to do my nails in Tokyo, I decided to do some research. I stumbled upon Nail Salon Avarice where their concept is NAIL x ART, totally answered the question!

The person who did my nails is Kana-san, she’s very experienced (been doing nails for 6 years) and friendly! And I’m telling you if these aren’t my nails and I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, I’d have thought they’re stickers (or have you thought so too all this time?) she painted my nails in such exquisite details and in her very own style like she knew what’s on my mind, as if she’s painting on 10 tiny canvases. It was my happy two hours with such beautiful decoration on nails and in the salon as well (Kenya-san have great taste in interior decoration!) Yes, you could ditch the two hours shopping completely in Harajuku and spend them here instead! :-)

Speaking of Tokyo, I’ve been blogging a little lesser than before lately cause I was quite busy preparing to move there at the end of this month! Hopefully after everything’s sorted out I’d be able to blog more about my time I will be spending in Japan as well. Can’t wait!

The Spring Bling

The Nail Spell #3: The Spring Bling
My article for Cheeze Magazine No. 134
Nails designed by Amy | Layout, written and illustrated by me

This is my first time writing an article in Thai, I realised that I can truly make it more fun with Thai language even though I’m not an experienced Thai writer. Here’s the translation of the article:

If you’re not a big fan of baby pink then The Nail Spell #2 from the last issue probably made you feel sick. I’ve been so into the 90s pastel so much that I’m starting to crave the brights and the bolds! Recently this series called Mad Men have been my weekend addiction, it’s a series that reflects the 60s lifestyle so well. I’m in love with one of the character called Betty Draper, not just from the style she kills but I honestly couldn’t take my eyes of her nails! Her simple but classy oval shaped reddish-magenta nails in almost every episodes of season one that went so well with all the costumes she wore. So I’ve come to realised that, if it was red, I wouldn’t even pay attention to it, though it’s so iconic, we’ve seen red nails so often that we might secretly thought in our head that red nails are the natural color every girls around the world probably have since nail polish was added to their life-vocab back when they were 15.

Plus, floral have been my recent new love from bags, clothes to hair accessories. Floral pattern is one of the all time classic compared to being the last episode of a pastel girl. And because of that I couldn’t resist having them on my nails too! But just normal flower prints you can just simply look up on Pinterest isn’t enough. I went straight to my super favorite nail salon and let Amy design her kind of floral nails for me!

The best part of Amy design is that it’s not even necessary to have flowers on every single nails, she added her style into it as well as adding the Bébé de Juillet kind of glitters, so fun and vivid! Sometimes it’s too boring when you floral everything from head to toe, wouldn’t you like to try styling the pattern with some other prints or mixing it with some bold colors like magenta? Styling your nails is just the same as styling your outfit of the day ladies!

#prettynailsrelievestress XOXO

Sunday Activity

Nothing is better than spending your Sunday afternoon getting your nails done, professionally with someone who deserves to touch them because makeups will be washed away after that party you attended but pretty nails remains for days and days. Some patterns can even survive for weeks but that’s rarely, unless you’ve found the right nail salon that can surprise you with creative nail designs. Which I’ve found one, I have my very own favorite salon I got my cosmic nails done for Cheeze #132 article (The Nail Spell no.1). This time I go for florals and Amy, like always, amazed me with her creativity once again♡
Her exquisite nail designs are as lovely as her taste in interior decoration. You will definitely fall in love with her studio
Here’s a sneak peek of my upcoming nail article for Cheeze Magazine #134. Stay tuned and always remember, when you’re feeling blue and weekdays make you want to cry, take a deep breath and stare down at your pretty nails! Happy Monday♡♡♡
For more information about my floral nails, visit Amy’s Instagram (@abracadabra_nailaddict).