This week!

No, I do not blog every 15 days or once a month! But hello there🌼 I miss writing about what I do or wear or things I bought and would like to share with my readers. I’m keeping my fingers crossed about making blogging my daily routine again because there’s so much going on recently I don’t even have much time for myself. But what I know is that I don’t think I can actually stop writing a blog, writing is one of my favorite things to do.

Apart from writing there’s also art. Drawing always makes me happy, especially when I feel lonely being here. This week I doodled lots, here’s today sketch:
1511image5 image6

Also being here in Tokyo you can lose your money on all the cutest things! Here’s my new lucky charm I bought this week that completely made me ditch away my Pandora bracelets. I’m back with the gold accessories now after I think a year of not wearing much gold rings/earrings/necklace at all! This new necklace is from Amijed, a Japanese handmade/vintage accessories brand. They’re having a pop-up store at Lumine 2, Shinjuku til Tuesday, so if you’re happening to be around then drop by and buy yourself a customized lucky charm!💖


TOP: Topshop
BAG: Prada
STOCKINGS: Vivienne Westwood
SHOES: ORiental TRaffic

Thursday Accessories

 My thursday outfit to the office and the exhibition. I’m currently in love with my new Jeanasis long coat, bought from my recent trip to Tokyo. The fabric is so soft and thin, which is great for the hot-and-humid-from-jan-to-dec Bangkok weather.

DSCF7835I decorated the pocket with Ne-Net‘s patch pin and the collar with butterfly stick pin. I’m pretty much obsessed with stick pins, but to be honest I think I love all kinds of pins. They’re tiny accessories that reflects your identity a little more than just

the simple outfits you wear. ♡♡♡


How do you decorate your favorite coats/jackets?