My CNX Happy List

Some people believe in holidays where you spend your time relaxing and spacing yourself out from the busy routines. I space myself out from all that and just go shopping. Still very busy but I’m more than relaxed. Holiday vacay does not always have to be sitting near the beach doing nothing or lay on bed until 2 in the afternoon staring at the beautiful mountain view opposite to you. Sometimes vacation just means going out and discover new things (in many of our cases, to buy).Last weekend I went up north to Chiang Mai and I was so in love with the city itself without having to go all the way up the hills and mountains. Just the city, the busy city has all its fascination attracting me to move myself around town. It’s not the same kind of business you get from being in Bangkok either. Chiang Maian have this calm lifestyle, I feel like they just breathe in art everywhere they go and they are happy to have a slow-life routine like that.

(Newsboy Cap from Zara Men, black tee and boyfriend jeans from H&M, backpack in Navy from Moschino Cheap & Chic, black canvas slip on shoes from TOMS)



Here’s the list consist of places that make me broke :-P


The Booksmith: Unlike the usual bookstores, books here are not just well selected but unique. International bookstores in Bangkok are usually located in the department stores, so having daylight shining in gives me totally different feeling when I was inside.
Location: 11 Nimmanahaeminda Rd., Between Soi 1 & Soi 3
DSCF6524 image[1]


Samantan: Probably the first shop I walked past and just I have to come back to take a good look inside. I was not disappointed, but it took me less than a minute to spend on items there so I don’t know if I should be happy about that! The prices are decent though. If you come across Nimman area and you want unique/handmade non-tourist accessories then go grab your travel journal to note this place down!
Location: Between Nimmanahaeminda Soi 11-13 (near Mango Tango)
DSCF6534 DSCF6533 DSCF6532


Manung Café: If you are a big fan of Jazz, Country and Oldies music then I guarantee you will fall in love with the playlists and live bands here. This place is well decorated, the food is good and they got a pool table too! It’s a good hangout place to end your day with friends.
Location: Nimmanahaeminda soi 2 Sukkasem
DSCF6558 image


Baan Kang Wat: My favorite avenue in Chiang Mai, the shops are all inside wooden houses, I find most of my treasures here! GPS Location: 18.776288,98.948864
Here are some of the shops inside this avenue:
Nok Panich (Dai Studio): My number one favorite, everything’s handmade and glittery! I think what’s cute about this store is how it gives me the feeling of walking into someone’s art journal; so colorful, so free! What I also like is their different workshops daily and they do what they called ‘Bad Portrait’ of you too, in pretty colours ♡♡ (owner’s blog)
DSCF6571 DSCF6574
 ♡ Enough for Life: Their homemade/handmade items here are super adorable! I bought my Budsaba Fabric Bag from this lovely store. They also run a small guesthouse upstairs.
DSCF6621 DSCF6597


We Didn’t Land on the Moon Since 1987: Cocktail bar with a little art gallery inside. They do occasional parties and movie nights. The coziest place here with my iPod playlist kind of music. I recommend you to try their fruit mixed signature mojitos, Mango Mojito is the addiction!
Location: Sirimangkalajarn Road soi 3

Love 70s Second-hand Store: Nothing is cheaper than second-hand clothes in Sanpakoi Market but it might be too exhausting for you to look through that much clothes in order to find the right one. Love 70s already selected all vintage fabrics and clothes for you and sell them in half the price you’d get in Bangkok. Textile lovers don’t miss this!
Location: Near Horpra School, Sri Phum


Dibdee Binder: My number one favorite coffee shop in Chiang Mai, probably because I don’t like going into coffee shops just to take photos of the coffee with cactuses and post them on instagram. What I mean is that I would only visit coffee shops when they have either nice air-con on hot, sunny days or they sell something more than just coffee, which in this case is bookbinding and notebook! It’s sad they don’t have daily workshop though. But it’s still a great place to find perfect binding books in prices you can difinitely buy more than just one!
Location: Tha Pae Road, opposite to SCB Bank




Favorite items from the trip:

Budsaba floral bag from Enough for Life (Baan Kang Wat), fabric flower pin from Samantan, handmade denim decorated notebook from Dibdee


From left to right: Jewel friendship bracelet from Samantan, silver cross bracelet from Tha Pae Sunday walking street, Pandora Essence.


Now go book yourself a plane ticket to CNX xoxox.