Bangkok Elle Fashion Week F/W 2015: III by Flynow and Tu’i

Yesterday I had a chance to attend the first day of Bangkok Elle Fashion Week F/W 2015. I wore an oversized denim dress, my 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Mini Satchel Bag in Lapis, a handmade embroidered teddy bear earrings by Aki-k (more cute items on my Tokyo post!), and some vintage stick pins I collect. The event started at 6:00PM onwards and there are three shows that day, I get to watch two which are III by Flynow and Tu’i. Here are some photos taken by me on each shows but if you would like to see high quality proper streets/runway snaps from the fashion week this year, Bug On Street will be posting on his page soon, so stay tuned! :-)

III by Flynow
III by Flynow remain their mega cuteness of quirky, which is their signature all this time, I am fascinated by how they expressed art through fashion. Their installation and the tune they chose gave me the feeling of a futuristic tribes with all their interesting patterns and textile designs, in which many of the pastels are my favorites! The show moves slowly yet hypnotizing, at the same time grabs my attention completely.

Tu’i’s Hôtel de Tu’i lighted fires in every single steps striking through the red carpet, their new accessories in the collection are glamorous and luxury as always, but this time with their aristocratic ladies, bellboys and maids throwing out the 30s and aristocracy vibes all over the atmosphere around the runway, I just can’t stop staring!

Red and Beret


When you run out of ideas on what to wear, grab a simple white top and a denim overall skirt from your wardrobe, wear them with bright colored lipstick and your favorite accessories. With denim and white, there are just so many ways to style the look. I wanted my look to be plain simple with just one bold color from the red. The beret gave the look a little identity, to me just that single accessory makes me feel like I’m an artist in Paris for the day.



Beret: Nand room704White Top: StradivariusDenim Overall Skirt: StradivariusShoes: Adidas

Casual Saturday



Hello! This was my casual look on Saturday. I always love dressing up on the weekends, but what I pick for the look will usually be fun and comfy. I’m in love with my new denim culottes from Zara. I find skinny jeans casual but not relaxing enough for a sunny day off in Bangkok. ☀️ Also, since I got my hair cut short (and finally permed last week), I decided to wear something that shows a little bit of the neckline and shoulders with this new baby pink top from Chalotte Irony💖
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Thursday Accessories

 My thursday outfit to the office and the exhibition. I’m currently in love with my new Jeanasis long coat, bought from my recent trip to Tokyo. The fabric is so soft and thin, which is great for the hot-and-humid-from-jan-to-dec Bangkok weather.

DSCF7835I decorated the pocket with Ne-Net‘s patch pin and the collar with butterfly stick pin. I’m pretty much obsessed with stick pins, but to be honest I think I love all kinds of pins. They’re tiny accessories that reflects your identity a little more than just

the simple outfits you wear. ♡♡♡


How do you decorate your favorite coats/jackets?