The Spring Bling

The Nail Spell #3: The Spring Bling
My article for Cheeze Magazine No. 134
Nails designed by Amy | Layout, written and illustrated by me

This is my first time writing an article in Thai, I realised that I can truly make it more fun with Thai language even though I’m not an experienced Thai writer. Here’s the translation of the article:

If you’re not a big fan of baby pink then The Nail Spell #2 from the last issue probably made you feel sick. I’ve been so into the 90s pastel so much that I’m starting to crave the brights and the bolds! Recently this series called Mad Men have been my weekend addiction, it’s a series that reflects the 60s lifestyle so well. I’m in love with one of the character called Betty Draper, not just from the style she kills but I honestly couldn’t take my eyes of her nails! Her simple but classy oval shaped reddish-magenta nails in almost every episodes of season one that went so well with all the costumes she wore. So I’ve come to realised that, if it was red, I wouldn’t even pay attention to it, though it’s so iconic, we’ve seen red nails so often that we might secretly thought in our head that red nails are the natural color every girls around the world probably have since nail polish was added to their life-vocab back when they were 15.

Plus, floral have been my recent new love from bags, clothes to hair accessories. Floral pattern is one of the all time classic compared to being the last episode of a pastel girl. And because of that I couldn’t resist having them on my nails too! But just normal flower prints you can just simply look up on Pinterest isn’t enough. I went straight to my super favorite nail salon and let Amy design her kind of floral nails for me!

The best part of Amy design is that it’s not even necessary to have flowers on every single nails, she added her style into it as well as adding the Bébé de Juillet kind of glitters, so fun and vivid! Sometimes it’s too boring when you floral everything from head to toe, wouldn’t you like to try styling the pattern with some other prints or mixing it with some bold colors like magenta? Styling your nails is just the same as styling your outfit of the day ladies!

#prettynailsrelievestress XOXO